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Inglorious Nomads

We are travellers, we became nomads, modern nomads wandering around the globe.
We are not “influencers”, we don’t sell our life on social media but we like sharing honestly the wonders we see, the little tips we discover
and the humility the world offers us. We don’t want fame as we are Inglorious Nomads.

Cruising Canada in a Truck Camper

An adventure between exploring and working, we settled in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, ventured to the far East to discover Nova Scotia and drove around on our Truck Camper

BackPacking through India & Nepal

A journey from Rajasthan, to the Taj Mahal, many fortresses of the lost kings of India to the high ground of Nepal. A travel full of colors, smells and experience.

Vanlife in the Canary Islands

We spent about three months exploring Tenerife and La Gomera in our van. An extensive discovery of the island and all its climbing crags.

Through Europe in a Van

From Belgium to Greece through the Adriatic Coast, we cruised during 9 months looking for wilderness, climbing crags and beautiful spots. Read our full adventure.

Looping Australia with a 4×4

Using a Working Holiday Visa to travel 2.5 years in Australia, we discovered a big part of the country, its culture, the outback and had a real sense of what’s living here.

Other Destinations

India for a yoga retreat, Norway as a tour guide, Morocco in a climbing trip, driving a motorbike in Vietnam… we’ve been busy during smaller trips.

Who are we ?

Hello fellow traveller !

If you’re not travelling the world, you’re at least travelling the web and we hope you’ll find here a place to stay for a couple of minutes, hours, or days, who knows…

We, Attie and Oli, started travelling together in 2018. We jumped onto a van through Europe for 9 months before splitting our ways for 4 while Attie went to India and Oli to Norway. That was just a prelude for bigger adventures as we flew towards the Continent-Island of Australia in September 2019 where we have been cruising the land of Kangaroos, red dirt and white beaches for two and half years. We travelled seven states and are always on the search of new experiences.

Since then we came back to Europe, decided to move to Canada but still managed to wander around Asia and Europe as well.

We’d like to share with you our thoughts, our tips, our pictures and our dreams. You won’t find on this site any referral links, any advertisement for products or places and we’re not looking at keeping you on the screen the maximum time possible.

Only our honesty and truth, things we’d like to share and you might enjoy. We thought about getting into the “influencer, digital-nomad, whatever path” but decided that we don’t want to sell ourselves as a product, we want to stay true to our believes and personalities. That’s why the content won’t all the time be up to date or ultra complete but we don’t mind at all staying Inglorious Nomads.

We travel on budget and avoid the most touristic places where the crowd ruins the space, we have a high sense of ecology and try to leave no traces. We avoid big hotels and costly attractions, so if you look for the best 5* hotel or the best 1000$ deal to go skydiving from a crocodiles infested volcano, this is not the right place. But if you want tips about being on the road without spending much, meeting people, surfing opportunities and living real experiences in the wild and the nature : stay tuned !

We love to share

If you want any advice, any recommendation, if you want to give us inputs, comments or if you just want to say hi, please feel free !

“Parlez-vous français ?”

This website is written in Frenglish… We speak English, but we write French better. As we couldn’t decide to let some details and feelings unexpressed, we chose to use both languages depending of the situation/writer/feeling of the day.. So most of the main content is in English for more international coverage but some articles are in French to give a deeper description. To help you out in all situation, we installed an option to translate any page (automatic translation, sorry for the accuracy) in the footer of all pages. Hope you’ll enjoy it !

Navigate our interactive maps

To share our travels, we use the platform called PolarSteps, we found it to be an amazing way to share pictures and location with a little text but not too much of that ! You can follow us through creating an account on PolarSteps if you want to have live notification.

About us

  • Our real names :
    Olivier et Athénaïs
  • Where are we from ?
    Belgium and France