A Working Holiday Visa experience in Australia.

Australia Loop Fever

Totem Pole, Tasmania
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The other side of the world

In September 2019 we left for the other side of the World (for us), direction Kangaroo Island : Australia ! Our plan was to travel around the country for a year… but Covid hit and we chose to stay a second. Discovering for the first time a “Working Holiday Visa” we travelled, worked, enjoying both sides of the visa. We learned what travelling as a “backpacker” in Australia means, what kind of job is expecting from those but also what opportunities are available for those who dare living and travelling in between two worlds.
Basically, we’re not “usual” backpackers, but we’re not Aussies either. We discovered a country rich in history, but which deals really bad with it..
We discovered beauties, landscapes and especially a rich wildlife like nowhere else.

For this trip, we chose at first not to write a “blog” like during our Europe VanTrip as it was too time-consuming and we were not ready for it. We used mostly our PolarSteps map (see below) which summarize our travel pretty well with everything you’d like to know : pictures, where we are and a few lines of text (it was intended of our family, therefore in French).

However, after a few months looping around the country, the will to share experiences came back and we created this website. Not as a journal narrating our day by day adventures but to share thoughts, advice and experiences.

  • More than 60 000km

  • 2+ years

  • Living in a 4×4 with a roof-top-tent

  • A lot of job experiences

  • 7 of the 8 states

  • Life in the City and in the Outback