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Hikes around the Rondane

Bjørnhollia loop

Starting from Strømbu, cross the beautiful suspended bridge over the Atna River
before heading all the way up to the Bjørnhollia DNT cabin where you can enjoy a Norwegian waffle and a coffee before heading back through peaceful forest land and old farmhouses.

Route Itinerary

Start from Strømbu parking lot, cross the bridge which is 100m upstream. At the first intersection follow the sign “Bjørnhollia ” to the left. Cross a few wooden bridges and walk through the pine trees until you get to a fence which explain you why you have to do a little detour as the trail was victim of erosion. You then get to the other side of this fenced off area before climbing above the tree line. Follow the cairns marked with a red T until you see the cabin and walk down a staircase made of rocks by Nepalese sherpas. Have a look at the old farmhouse called “Gammelsætra” and cross the big wooden bridge. Follow the signs and the stairs up to Bjørnhollia . Enjoy a treat inside the cabin before you head off again.

Walk back on your tracks to the wooden bridge, cross it and keep walking straight at the signs following “Rondetunet”, walk passed “Gammelsætra” by the other side and follow the trail along Lake Musvøltjonna. Just after a small bridge and when you see old cabins which are “Musvølsætra” there is a sign indicating “Rondetunet” to the right. Don’t follow it but keep straight between the cabins. Walk until a bridge made out of corrugated metal sheets and at the intersection right after, make a left (don’t miss that one !). Follow all the way through moss and pine trees, passing a nice little lake and walking on a few wooden sticks to avoid getting all muddy until you get back onto the main trail you started from. Keep following that track back to the beginning, crossing the wooden bridges and then the Atna until you get back to Strømbu.

Pika Loop

Starting in front of the Rondane River Lodge, this loop brings out through the pine trees before heading out into the open land, territory of the reindeer and a very different type of vegetation from the valley. The start is a bit steep but then the slopes are gentle all the way to the top of Pika from where you can enjoy a 360° panorama on the surrounding peaks. Come back making a loop showing you a couple of peaceful mountain lakes.

Route Itinerary

Start from the Rondane River Lodge, to have a gentle start, head onto the parking and walk North to the end until you find a sign on the other side of the road indicating the Pika 5km (not the one straight in front of the Lodge porch, this one works too but is steeper). Follow the path in front of you and the red signs hanged in the trees. It starts gentle and make a bend on top of which you’ll find another sign when joining the steeper way up. Keep walking up until you cross the power line and get to another sign indicating Pika and Overdaelssætra straight ahead. For a more peaceful and authentic experience, don’t follow the sign but head left following a narrower path. Follow that one all the way out from the treeline and into the open land. It is marked by cairns all the way up.
You will soon be able to see the summit where you’re heading slightly to your right hand side (it is actually the fore-top but Pika is right behind). Keep following the cairns until you reach the summit.
Enjoy the panorama before continuing heading down the obvious path which leaves the ridge at the massive cairn slightly to the right. You are heading between the two lakes you see down below.
You will get back down into the trees, follow the trail until you reach a sign indicating the Pika 1.5km from where you just came, Overdalssætra 1.8km ahead and Enden 4.4km to your right. You will be heading right towards Enden but it is nice to continue about 100m further to have a look at both lakes. A little bench offers a nice rest before you turn around and head back to Enden. Walk between small trees and open land following regular signs and wooden posts all the way back keeping the Pika to your right until you get to an intersection signed Enden to your left 1.7km. Follow that direction until you rejoin the path you left just after the power lines. Keep going until the next sign indicating Enden to your left. You can use the way you started or go the steeper way down if you feel the urge for a nice cold beer at the Lodge, if you do so make sure to have a right turn at the small stones blocking the way.

Vuludalen loop

This beautiful loop will take you along the Vuludalen valley all the way to an old stone hunting cabin and towards the Fjellstyre cabin Vuludalsbua which is an amazing place of peace and local culture. You will walk through pine and birch forest then into bare open land, crossing creeks and enjoying small waterfalls before heading back through Motjørna lake and its cute fishing cabin Ljørbua.

Route Itinerary

Park your car on the little parking on the left side of the road right after crossing the bridge which follows the “Vestre Vuluvolden” accommodation park.
From there find the wooden sign indicating “Minnesmerke and Dyregrav” to the left, follow that way heading towards the river and begin climbing up the trail about 20m from the river on a little ridge.

At the first intersection, follow the sign “Minnesmerke” to your left, going back down. Cross the bridge, have a look at the monument and keep walking straight ahead behind the next sign “Barths Sti-Vuludalen” until you reach a little gate, cross it and follow the dirt road for the next two bends.

After the second one, there will be a wooden sign heading right and indicating “Til Vuludalen” (it is not the first trace in the 2nd bend but 50m after that one).
Follow that trail all the way through pine forest, birch trees and grassy area. It is sometimes really clear, sometimes a bit faint but basically goes straight. After about 3km, you’ll reach some bare open-land. Keep going crossing a few creeks but always following the Vulua River on the upper side of the bank. You don’t see it often but can almost always hear its flow.

After about 6.5km, you can have a glimpse at the Vuludalsbua cabin which is hidden in the forest on the other side of the river. If the river is low or if you want to get your feet wet, you can use the path downhill and shorten the walk heading straight to the cabin from here.

In the other case, you’ll have to continue about 1.5km straight ahead to the crossing which is a wooden bridge which you will see right after perceiving the stone hunters cabin on the other side of the river.

Cross the bridge and follow the river downstream this time. Have a break around the stone-house (locked but with a picnic table in front of it) (5) then continue straight passed the other little wooden shed then slightly left to get onto the upper bank again. If you get to this weird looking orange post with black tubing on top which is actually salt blocks for the animals, you need to go straight up on one of the tracks on your left to find the trail about 20m from the edge.
Follow that track for about 1km from the stone cabin and watch out right after you cross a creek (with a wooden plank in the middle), it is really easy to miss Vuludalsbua ! Right after the creek, you need to climb to the left instead of going straight as it would be obvious. If you’re right, you should find the cabin about 100m from the creek.

Enjoy a rest inside (take off your shoes) and sign the hytta book if you like. If you’d like to sleep here, the price is 100 NOK per person to pay by VIPPS.

Once rested, head East passed the annex. There will be about 1km which are not clearly marked but once you left the tree cover, you should follow the open meadows ascending left, away from the Vulua and between small bushes until you get to a small cairn on your right, you can notice the rocky path between the rocks. Follow that little track zigzagging in between bushes, small birch trees, reindeer moss and grass land.

At one point it heads left again into the birch forest, there is a cairn and get quite fairy tale-like. Continue alternating open grass area and small birch forests for about 4km. It gets lower, more grass and you should go past a sign when you leave the boundaries of the National Park. Keep going until you can see the Motjørna lake on your right and you can get a glimpse at the fishing cabin called Ljørbu.

Between both lakes, you get to a signpost indicating Søre Vola, Rondetunet and Jomsborg straight ahead and Vuluvolden to the right (you need to go around the post to read it), head that way.

Go all the way to Ljørbua fishing hut, have a look inside or take shelter if you need to rest for a moment.
Just before the cabin, the path heads left and is signposted again, 2.1km to go !

Walk along the flowing creek to the next lake, then on its right side going back into the pine trees.

Head downwards in the forest until you can see Langtjørna lake and the road on its other side.Keep following the next two signs towards Voluvolden keeping to your left if you see an intersection.

You will arrive onto the road passing a cabin to your left, walk South for about 50m to get back to your car.

Well done !


Cross the Atna River before heading up into the forest until the Fjellstyre cabin called Finnbua which is an amazingly peaceful place. Continuing towards the lake Finnsjøen you’ll have a beautiful view on the surrounding summits, the fisher’s boat sheds and the water birds. Come back down through pine and birch forest enjoying reindeer moss around you.

Route Itinerary

Drive from the Lodge towards Atnbura, right after the bridge over the Atna River, turn right and follow the gravel road until you get to Finnstad, park your car and start walking on the bridge crossing the Atna River again.
Walk up between the farm buildings until you get the onto the next gravel road, follow that one to the left, heading East. Walk until the end of the good gravel road at the place called Sætra. There follow the sign continuing straight ahead, it goes uphill and the path gets quite rocky.

From there you will follow blue markers hanging in the tree for the whole way.

Keep going on that track all the way until you get to a few buildings with a sign, turn right following “Finnbua”, the next intersection is shortly afterwards. You get to a sign indicating Finnbua 0.1km, go left to check the cabin, have a rest and come back to this intersection following Finnsjøen this time. cross a few boardwalk and keep following the same direction at the next sign until you actually reach the lake and the boat sheds. Enjoy the lakeside.

Get started again heading to the right side of the lake (North) finding the blue markers in the trees.
There are two options here, one is to follow the lake side the whole way to its end before turning right, it is the winter route and the soil can get swampy. The other option, dryer, is to get back into the trees about mid-way through the lake (gps track. Keep following that path all the way back to the gravel road along the Atna, take a right until you get back to Finnstad and get back onto the bridge to meet your car.

Disclaimer : these tracks have been recorded as showed. The maps of the area, either paper ones or electronic, are not always accurate. There are of course more options possible but these are some itineraries we hope you’ll enjoy. Keep your common sense while hiking and always be prepared when you head into the wilderness. Most places don’t have phone reception. Don’t follow blindly the track but keep your eyes open for the path. Sometimes small detours might have just been to take a picture…

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